Mar 262015

‘Happy Days’ the musings of Dylan Owen,

Lancashire based singer-songwriter Dylan Owen  has long been a stalwart of the local folk and roots music scene across the North West.

Renowned for his virtuoso guitar playing coupled with witty lyricism, Dylan’s genre-bending music is multi-layered and covers everything from the satirical to the serious.

His newest album, Happy Days – Musings of Dylan Owen sees a move away from his comedic slant, producing a sound that is, in his own words has ‘a more bluesy vibe, along with  romance, satire and a number of commemorative war pieces.’

From whimsical musings over that feeling you get when you catch the eye of someone on a moving escalator (Brief Encounters) and sad laments about the environmental degradation of the planet (Beautiful World), to more upbeat tunes that bring the listener back to Dylan’s satirical roots (Panic in Poundland, Happy days, Checkout Girl  and Chinese Whispers),

he has produced an eclectic mix of compelling, fascinating and entertaining tracks.

Perhaps the most poignant moments on the album are Dylan’s songs based on the First World War (War Women, Scarecrow, Fallen).‘ This is a great source of inspiration to Dylan. The term ‘War to end wars’ was such an irony, and those with military mindsets continue to persist even today, albeit in different technological forms,’ he says.

In many respects Dylan’s new album is more like a gig performance rather than a themed project, with Dylan expanding his armamentarium of instruments – including the mandolin, blues harp and 5-string banjo. And let’s not forget his distinctive multi-layered vocal harmonies!

As the Bard himself says: ‘I hope you dig the sounds.’

You can listen to Dylan’s songs on SoundCloud and YouTube

‘ Some of his songs are achingly poignant but many are both funny and point an accurate finger at the absurdities of many of our society’s sacred cows.’  – Simon Blatchely, Chorely FM Radio station

‘Dylan majors on comic songs but, in similar style to Vin Garbutt, he can play with your emotions as he throws in an occasional serious side to his set.’ – John Owen, Folk North West

‘Dylan ploughs a narrow furrow of individual quirkiness.’ – Willie Russell

Track listing:

  • Rainbow
  • Stealing Kisses
  • Panic in £Land
  • Brief Encouter
  • War Women
  • Beautiful World
  • Happy Days
  • Checkout Girl
  • Scarecrow
  • Fallen
  • Chinese Whispers

Album art by Josephine Scales



 March 26, 2015