Nov 292011


As a guitarist, my musical style varies across a range of genres, from folk to ragtime, from classical finger picking style to  jazz based chord structures and this variation certainly comes across in the latest cd project  ‘Happy Days, musings of Dylan Owen’

The inspiration for these musings emanate from personal life experiences, contacts and performances with influential characters from cliquey folk circuits and of course the drive towards creating the narrative of a good song!

As a writer and musician my influences range from Folk to Classical from Jazz to R&B but my core aim is to represent the powerful interplay of word and music. My music and lyrics hopefully touch the heart and trigger the emotions of the listener.  As laughter is a powerful emotion, I often use humour and satire to portray more serious lyrical messages,  conversely I enjoy constructing a good song, it’s a personal articulation of expressive art.

That’s not to say that my material is flippant, well some of it may be but that’s intentional! It’s more about conflict, pain, suffering, love, pathos, humour, tragedy, comedy………growth.

As for who do I sound like? Well I’ll let you into a little secret, I’m quite a niche and I sound like me!

‘Happy Days’  musings of Dylan Owen 

11046090_10152716366126723_1870878839_oArtwork developed by the extremely talented freelance artist and illustrator, Josephine  Scales

Final mix and master processing by superb graduate sound engineers:-  Thomas Durkan and Ruari McClone (aka Boutiques)

Dylan Owen  All songs written by Dylan Owen. Dylan provides main vocals with striking harmonies supported by his Fylde Falstaff guitar,  the Taylor cutaway guitar,  a Moon Mandolin and Goodtime Banjo.

Guest percussionist Rauri McClone (egg shaker, tambourine, rhythm suitcase, ‘wooden spoons on radiator’)

Songs list.

Rainbow, (inspired by Richard Thompson following the Frets and Refrains sessions in NYS)

Stealing Kisses., (A beautiful romantic song)229198_1843451738356_1844106_n copy

£land panic, (99p in £land and it’s a wedding anniversary)

Brief Encounter, (When two people briefly pass on the escalator, glances meet, she ascends to touch the stars whilst he descends to hit the ground!)

War Women, (World War Women workers, united how they stand and the huge social impact from their roles during the great war…and other conflicts since.)

Beautiful World, (inspired by anti- fracking and  pro conservation movements)

The Psychotherapist and the checkout girl,( An interesting juxta- position love theme)

Happy days, (Remembering life many years ago when even Pizza had not been invented, in the UK at least)

Scarecrow, (A farmer finds an old WW1 infantry uniform and uses it to dress a scarecrow…to reveal the humble but significant identity of the unknown soldier)

Fallen, (Revisiting the song about an Accrington Pal on his return from the battle of the Somme and the village of Serre.  On this new recording the guitar is a Fylde Falstaff, offering  greater depth and tonal quality)

Chinese whispers, (…….Based on what was said…………..)



 November 29, 2011