Dylan is a well-established and much loved musician on the North West folk/acoustic scene. His songs are quirky, intelligent, daft, moving, poignant, angry, silly and sometimes just plain surreal.  His music is unique and spans a wide range of styles – from traditional folk ballads, to bluegrass and ragtime influenced ditties. His distinctive poetic lyrical style often verges on the edge of rap. Rap for folkies!

Dylan writes about the mundane and everyday, and spins it into the weird and wonderful. He writes songs about everything from the philosophical musings of goldfish to satirical numbers about the injustice of MP’s expenses and Big Bank Bonuses. And don’t get him started on panicking  in Pound Land having only 99p! On the other hand, songs like ‘Fallen of the Day’ – the story of an Accrington Pal during WW1 – War Women and Scarecrow will reduce you to tears. They cut to the bone and are as angry as they are moving.

Much of Dylan’s work has been broadcast on BBC Radio Lancashire, BBC Radio Merseyside and Radio Birmingham and a plethora of local stations. More recently whilst at the Frets and Refrains Writers Master class,  Upper NY State,  Dylan received the award for ‘Transatlantic contributions to song writing’  from the song writer guru himself Richard Thompson:- albeit a light hearted ceremony, but there you go!

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